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Tour Compton's Farmland, South Park is Downtown's Beverly Hills?

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Image via deLaB

COMPTON: The design boosters of Design East of La Brea are hosting a tour of Compton's rural outpost Richland Farms this weekend. RF dates back to the late 1800s, when Griffith D. Compton donated his land with the requirement that a part be zoned agricultural. Now the area has about 435 houses, many on at least an acre, and lots of horses and livestock. DeLaBbers will meet locals and go inside one of the Richland Farms houses. [Curbed Inbox]

DOWNTOWN: Real estate newsletter Bisnow held a mini-summit yesterday on the Evolution of Downtown. Andrew Murray, of the developer soon to be formerly known as Meruelo Maddux, told the crowd the company is getting ready to build in South Park and that "We think South Park is the Beverly Hills of Downtown," which is either genius or totally insane. In other news, Downtown real estate and business types are pretty bullish on the proposed Farmers Field NFL stadium project. [Curbed Inbox]