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Inside John Lautner's Little Hexagonal-Framed Jacobsen House

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As part of the John Lautner one hundredth birthday celebrations, the Lautner Foundation and the MAK Center opened up four of Lautner's houses for a tour this past weekend. On Monday we visited the Sheats-Goldstein House, yesterday we poked around the Harpel House in the Hollywood Hills, and today we visit the Jacobsen House in the Cahuenga Pass.

Photos by Elizabeth Daniels John Lautner worked with structural engineer Edgardo Contini (one of the partners in Brentwood's Crestwood Hills development) on several projects in the forties, and three houses--the Carling, Polin, and Jacobsen--all used "a hexagonal steel horizontal frame supported on three tapered steel trusses," according to the Lautner Foundation. The 1947 Jacobsen House (which sits across a driveway from the Polin) was the smallest of these, "barely larger" than the central hexagon. According to the Foundation, the exteriors have been expanded over time, but the current owners have done a restoration of the house itself.
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Polin House

3542 Multiview Dr., Los Angeles, CA

Jacobsen House

3540 Multiview Dr., Los Angeles, CA