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Century-Old Farmhouse in Pasadena Built by George W. Stimson

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This quaint five-bedroom in Southwest Pasadena was built in 1901 by noted developer George W. Stimson, who collaborated with his son, architect G. Lawrence Stimson, on the design and construction of many houses in the area, including the Wrigley mansion on nearby Millionaire's Row, which now serves as HQ for the Tournament of Roses. The 3,471 square foot residence was first listed back in December 2010, and according to Redfin, a sale was pending on February 18, 2011. But for whatever reason, the sale didn't go through, and now the half-acre property--which features crown molding, hardwood floors, built-in cabinets, a wood-burning fireplace, and a detached garage/workshop--is back on the market, at a substantial markdown. Originally listed at $1.75 million, it's now asking $1.395 million.
· 105 COLUMBIA St [Redfin]