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LaFetraWatch: Living in Two Lautners

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We're deep into a John Lautnerpalooza this week, but what's it like to actually live in one (or more) of the architect's houses? Prolific modern collector/restorer Michael LaFetra owns two: the Stevens House in Malibu and holy cow, also the Balboa Island Rawlins House. He tells LACMA's Unframed blog: "My experience is that the great architects use all of the space well. In a large home, you often have rooms you really don’t use at all. In my Lautner house, I end up using every bit of the space. I love to see the interplay of light against surface materials, to feel the rough texture of concrete and rough-hewn cedar. It’s like living inside art, living inside a sculpture." Stevens House via Triangle Modernist Houses [Unframed]

Rawlins House

804 S. Bayfront, Newport Beach, CA