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Meet the Beverly Hills 9/11 Memorial, Complete With WTC Wreckage

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Today, a piece of twisted steel from the former World Trade Center was placed atop a pedestal in Beverly Hills, near a city fire station at Rexford and Santa Monica Blvd. Local firefighters acquired the 30-foot, 1,900-pound beam, which is bent in half, from the Port Authority of New York, and it'll be the centerpiece of the city's new 9/11 Memorial Garden, reports the Daily News. The beam will remain covered until a ceremony on the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks this September. The entire memorial was paid for with donations (Michael Ovitz apparently gave a lot of money) and is described on its website as a project of The Beverly Hills Fire Chiefs Fund. Here's more on the Memorial Garden, via its website: "Adjacent to the monument, a flagpole will fly our Nation's Colors and a walking path will traverse the memorial site. Twin Tower replicas, the Pentagon and the field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania will all be represented to honor those who perished. Benches will be aesthetically placed, allowing visitors to view the memorial while contemplating the meaning and magnitude symbolized throughout The Beverly Hills 9/11 Memorial Garden."
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