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Displaced Nudists Now Sunbathing on US Marine Base

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Where have San Diego County nudists been getting their nude sunbathing fix since California banned the practice at San Onofre State Beach? On the Camp Pendleton military base, reports the OC Register. The paper explains that "While there is no federal law banning nudity on the military base, it's against the law to trespass without authorization." Now the nudists say that state park rangers are spying on them cartoon-style while they lie out in federal territory, beyond the rangers' jurisdiction. One nudist tells the paper "You have rangers hiding within rocks, in trees, with cameras trying to take pictures." The rangers say they're not spying, just helping the Marines keep trespassers out, and that they're not making anyone put on clothes on federal land. Meanwhile, the military is allegedly approaching the situation in a less Bugs Bunnyish fashion--one nudist says a Marine took his camera and deleted video of Marines and park rangers clearing the Camp Pendleton beach. Allen Baylis, an attorney who has worked on behalf of the nudists, says he doesn't condone trespassing on federal land, but that "as patriotic Americans, when the government does something we don't like we have a duty to push back." Image of nudists via Wikipedia
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