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Gold Line Foothill Extension Gets Act, Monrovia Land Deal Together

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A dispute between the Gold Line Construction Authority and the City of Monrovia that could have disrupted the entire 11.3 mile Foothill extension from Pasadena to Azusa is about 99% resolved, reports the Monrovia Patch. To make a wonky story short, the GLCA needed a piece of land in Monrovia for their train maintenance yard--without the yard in hand, Metro wouldn't release the millions of dollars needed to build the line. Monrovia agreed to sell the land, but a property owner who would have part of his land condemned for the maintenance yard sued several times and the GLCA and Monrovia couldn't agree on who would fund the settlement/attorneys' fees. Well, a settlement has been reached: the GLCA will pay $56 million for the land, but the rest of the terms are currently kind of hush-hush because of the three property owner lawsuits (the GLCA board and the Monrovia council now have to approve the settlement at their respective meetings). A bridge over the 210 is already being built for the light rail, so an impasse over the maintenance yard would have been a hot mess. Meanwhile, the Source notes that the GLCA board is set to award a contract for the building of the line and its six stations to a joint venture of Parsons and Kiewit--the latter company oversaw the successful work on the Mulholland Bridge during Carmageddon.
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