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The 1961 House MacGyver Helped Update in Trousdale Estates

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Carla Ridge up in the Trousdale Estates is full of mid-century houses that have rarely or ever changed hands. This four bedroom, six bathroom example from 1961 has belonged to television director John Rich (The Dick Van Dyke Show, All in the Family) for "over 44 years," according to the listing, but it hasn't been preserved in amber. Rather, it's been "completely renovated" and now has an 84 panel photovoltaic array, a computerized electrical system, bamboo floors, a bio-ethanol fireplace, and all kinds of other green touches, plus an elevator, pool, media/game room with full bar, and "the most high-tech in-home electronic system," according to its brochure. By the way, we should also mention that Rich was the executive producer (with Henry Winkler) on MacGyver. Asking price is $10.7 million.
· 1575 CARLA Rdg [Redfin]