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New VHILS Wall in Venice, Silver Lake Getting a Tattuplex

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VENICE: The Portuguese artist VHILS has just finished this wall on the side of the Post No Bills Print Shop in Venice, as part of the shop's show European Bailout, which opens July 28. VHILS chisels, corrodes, and etches walls to make his portraits, like the ones he did with artist JR on Spring Street last summer. [Curbed Inbox]

SILVER LAKE: A tipster tells us that Silver Lake is about to get the Tattuplex, a hillside duplex off of Glendale Blvd. Two "fully-sustainable" units are being built for someone who is both "a Zen Buddhist monk and male nurse." Depending on who he rents the other side to, there could be a sitcom brewing here. [Curbed Inbox]