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West Hollywood House Really Goes For the Gays

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This was the property you all voted to see on this week's Open House Weekend Warriors poll (old poll link -- there will be a new one this Wednesday) and what more appropriate house could you have chosen for the first day of New York's marriage equality? 634 Westmount is very nice, a little small, but it's two houses on a lot with a shared driveway (separate garages though). The agents selling this place know what they're doing--the stagers have framed pictures of Barbra, Audrey (in Givenchy from Roman Holiday!!), Tilda Swinton, and other gay icons littered throughout the house, and Linda Evangelista in Amy Winehouse drag right above the toilet bowl (how's that for juxtaposition?). We think this strategy could really pay off. This home is walking distance to some of the best gay bars in the country after all. Asking price is $1.049 million.
· 634 Westmount Dr [Redfin]