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Feculent Westwood Condo Just Doesn't Care

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Failing at photographing one's home is like failing phys ed or study hall--it shouldn't be possible, but somehow there's always someone who falls through the cracks. To help listings be their very best, we show you what not to do.

You know when something's absolutely filthy and in dire need of a scrub down? You look at it and you think "No matter how much work I put into this, it will never look clean." Case study: Ke$ha. If your kitchen looks like a brushed-your-teeth-with-Jack mess, and it looks like there's no way you could ever clean it to even vagrant standards, why photograph it for the MLS? There's a lesson here: dirty is not sexy and it definitely will not sell your Wilshire Corridor condo.
· 10535 Wilshire Blvd #1806 [Trulia]