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Wonder Woman Pilot Makes Hollywood Blvd. Look Worse Than It Is

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Footage from failed Wonder Woman TV pilot -... by kahramanlarsinemada

Scenes from NBC's Wonder Woman pilot have been leaked on to the internet (the show wasn't picked up), answering the question everyone's secretly considered: "What if the Hollywood Boulevard characters could actually fight crime?" Lots of accounts focus on the show's lame script and cartoonish direction, but we can't believe how bad they've made the Hollywood and Highland area look--the camera captures every giant billboard on the W and every chain logo on the Boulevard (how many times do we see that McDonald's "M"?), the traffic is at Oscar night levels, and there's a lot of focus on the Hollywood & Highland mall, 2007 winner of our Ugliest Building contest. Sure, Hollywood Boulevard is often garish, but it's not actually this garish (and jeez, even the tourists know not to fawn quite that much over celebrities).
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