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Westside Skateification Rolls On With New Westchester Park Plaza

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Westchester Park's new 9,700 square foot skate plaza opens at 3 pm today with a fiesta featuring professional skateboarders. Money for the new $350K facility came from the city, the Annenberg Foundation, and a skateboarding website. There are many things to like about this skateboard park--unlike, say, the Stoner Skateboard Park in West LA, this facility didn't eat up a big chunk of open space to make way for the cement playground, according to the Daily Breeze, and there are still plenty of grass and trees at Westchester Park. The newer facility can also transform into an events venue as there's a raised stage-like space and tons of steps that can sub for seats (Shakespeare in Westchester Park?). A member of a park advisory board told the Breeze that they've already gotten requests for skateboard park weddings. The best part is that the park broke ground in April and opened three months later--that must be some LA record. Image via Daily Breeze
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