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Sistine Chapel Recreation Just the Beginning in Glendale

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A few months ago, our cousins at Curbed National featured a British guy who'd painted his version of the Sistine Chapel (including Russell Brand as Jesus) all over his house. Somehow, this house in Glendale with just the one "Creation of Adam" reproduction is way worse. Besides the mural, the ordinary 1950 ranch house has lots of trompe l'oeil crumbly masonry, a little bright purple, and one lonely Doric-ish column. We can't tell if the situation with the outdoor kitchen is intentional or if perhaps it has contracted leprosy. The listing says that on top of the "custom paint throughout," the garage has been converted without permits into an entertainment room, which actually looks like the nicest place in the house. Asking price is $630,000.
· 358 West KENNETH Rd [Redfin]