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Riders Are Into Coffee Table at Koreatown Bus Stop

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Local architect and designer Julie Kim had a nifty idea to liven up a forlorn bus stop in Koreatown with a little flair, notes Good magazine's Alissa Walker. A stylish hammock coffee table, designed by Kim, was adorned with flowers and a newspaper. Most people who encounter the table seem pleasantly amused by the decoration and it clearly sparks a few cross-generational conversations. As Walker points out, most bus stops (and rail stations--see the freeway stops of the Green/Gold lines) offer very little of interest to people. Kim has another idea for activating transit stop waiting areas--exercise equipment (though encouraging people to sweat before getting on public transit seems somewhat counterintuitive).
· What Happens When You Put a Coffee Table at a Bus Stop? [Good]

6th and Vermont, Los Angeles, CA