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John Elgin Woolf-Designed Villa Above the Sunset Strip

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You may want to grab a dustpan and broom, because the listing for this contemporary on Cordell Drive drops a lot of names. First, it informs us the home was "custom furnished by world-renowned decorator Michael Taylor." Next, it mentions that the three-bedroom, three-and-a-half bath residence is an "internationally published original John Woolf." And rounding out the party is 1930s director George Cukor (per the listing, his former estate is next door). Sadly, the photo gallery consists of only four measly pictures, and not very good ones at that, which is especially annoying in light of the "internationally published" boast, but whatever. Asking price for the 2,426 square foot home is $2.995 million.
· 9190 CORDELL Dr [Redfin]