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The 5 Most and Least Walkable Neighborhoods in Los Angeles

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The walking-obsessed folks at Walk Score have released their 2011 list of the most walkable cities (and neighborhoods), showing which areas have the most accessibility to transit and other amenities (on a scale of 0 to 100). LA was ranked thirteenth out of cities nationally (in 2008, the last year Walk Score put out a list, according to LAist, Los Angeles was ranked ninth), but forget about New York and San Francisco for now. What's the most walkable neighborhood out of the 95 listed for Los Angeles? Downtown! Despite being something of a grocery store desert, DTLA pushed Mid-City West out of the top spot. (NB: Only 84 neighborhoods were ranked in 2008.) Here're the rest of the top five, along with the bottom five (sorry, Bel Air).

Top Five:
1. Downtown - 92
2. Koreatown - 90
3. Mid-City West - 89
4. Pico-Union - 88
5. Chinatown - 87

Bottom Five:
91. La Tuna Canyon - 27
92. Bel Air - 26
93. Beverly Glen - 19
94. Shadow Hills - 17
95. Terminal Island - 11
· Los Angeles [Walk Score]