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Creepy Glendale Porch Ornaments, Exasperated Brokerbabble

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Image via Tropico Station

GLENDALE: Glendale-watcher Tropico Station found this house where, if you look closely...closer...little closer...AHHH, there are super-creepy fake people lurking on the porch. There are also what appear to be flamingos playing with blocks on the front lawn. Say what you will, but we bet this house never gets burgled. [Tropico Station]

TORRANCE: Via the inbox, this short sale listing in Torrance sounds both peeved and panicked. The two bedroom condo last sold for $590,000 and is now listed at $415,000. The listing begins: "BANK SAID LOWER IT TO SELL THIS WEEK, BOTTOM FEEDERS THIS IS THE ONE, GET A NEWER SOUTH FACING CORNER UNIT WITH LOTS OF SUN, FOR $50,000 LESS THAN ONE IN THE SAME COMPLEX THAT HAS CLOSED THIS YEAR." [Redfin]