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Crash and Burn at the River-Adjacent LA Stunt School

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Image via Introducing

Architects have proposed wacky ideas for the banks of the LA River both real (a floodable park) and imaginative (riverside pools, skyscrapers), but here comes the funnest one yet, via BLDGBLOG, the absolute authority on architecture of the bizarre. For a student project at London's Bartlette School of Architecture, Catrina Stewart created the LA Stunt School. Here's what she says about it: "LA Stunt School was to be a place where actors came to learn and train to simulate fights, car crashes, flying, fire, explosions, etc? It is sited on the concrete banks of the Los Angeles River, towering over the suburbs on stilts to allow the water to rise and fall without affecting the function of the building...The piece is largely hypothetical because it is built upon the premise of seduction rather than following the strict rules of construction."

Image via Introducing

BLDGBLOG imagines "Such a facility would need elaborate platforms for launching you (and your car or motorcycle) skyward; fake glass windows for crashing through; barrels to burn; walls to knock over; rubble to worm you way free from; operating rooms and burn wards for attempts gone sadly wrong; and, of course, cinemas and lecture halls for planning and reviewing a hard day's work."
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