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MuralWatch: Shepard Fairey Going Up on the New WeHo Library

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Shepard Fairey mural via The Avenues

The new West Hollywood Library is scheduled to open in the fall and you know it's getting close when the art starts going up. Here's a shot of the very beginnings of the mural from Hope-bama artist Shepard Fairey. For inspiration, Fairey asked people for their thoughts on West Hollywood ("If West Hollywood was a person, who would that person be?"), but his original submission to the city also said he'd be incorporating "images from his existing library" (besides Obama, "Obey Giant" is probably his most famous image). Down below, check out garage-side artwork by RETNA and Kenny Scharf.

RETNA mural via The Avenues

West Hollywood Library

625 North San Vicente Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90069