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John Lautner Houses in the Movies: James Bond to Big Lebowski

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LOS ANGELES: Architect John Lautner, who designed some of the sexiest modern houses in LA, would've been 100 this past weekend, and to celebrate the Lautner Foundation is doing it up with events from now until November. This Sunday, they're throwing a gala at Lautner's Harpel Residence with the clients for two of Lautner's most famous houses--the Hollywood Hills Chemosphere and Silver Lake's Silvertop--as guests of honor. Tickets are $250 and proceeds benefit the Foundation's preservation fund. On Saturday, if you have $100, you can take a tour through the Harpel House, the Jacobsen House, the Schwimmer House, and the Sheats-Goldstein. For our contribution, we've put together a short video compilation of some of the Lautner houses' film roles (*this is non-comprehensive--there are plenty more, including at least one "adult film"), from Diamonds Are Forever to the Big Lebowski.

Here's more on the houses in the video:
Elrod House, Palm Springs
Jacobsen House, Cahuenga Pass
Chemosphere, Hollywood Hills
Silvertop, Silver Lake
Schaffer Residence, Glendale
Garcia/Rainbow House, Hollywood Hills
Sheats-Goldstein Residence, Beverly Hills Post Office

"Lujon," Henry Mancini (used in The Big Lebowski)
"Hazy Shade of Winter," Simon & Garfunkel (the Bangles cover it in Less Than Zero)


7776 Torreyson Dr., Los Angeles, CA

Schaffer Residence

527 Whiting Woods Rd., Glendale, CA

Elrod House

2175 Southridge Dr., Palm Springs, CA