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LACMA Choo-Choo Lives! Germans Working on Jeff Koons Train

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Deep within the August issue of Los Angeles magazine is a rare nugget: an update on LACMA's magical, mythical hanging train sculpture by Jeff Koons. Years in the works, the dangling locomotive as recently as May seemed as likely as a subway to Dodger Stadium, but no! LACMA director Michael Govan, speaking in a Q&A profile, tells us our Miracle Mile train is embryonic, but alive, and its stewardship now rests with the Germans: "I wouldn't put an arrival time on that train in particular, but progress is being made," Govan tells the magazine. "We did a feasibility study examining buildability issues and public safety issues. Then we began to scan the train into digital files, and now it's being analyzed by a company in Germany that is exploring methods of construction." Clearly, getting any train built in LA is an exercise in patience. We do have faith in Mr. G.--he's getting a 340 ton levitating boulder for the museum and helped bring Chris Burden's already-iconic street light installation "Urban Light" to fruition.
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