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How to Permit Your Backyard Pirate Ship in Burbank

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Image via Red Dragon's Revenge

We'll always remember our first Southern California backyard pirate ship (there are many, weirdly)--it was a Burbank boat first spotted over a wall in 2007. The Burbank Leader reports that the ship is called the Red Dragon's Revenge and it's still around. Actually, it sits trapped in concrete four feet below grade, so it's not going much of anywhere any time soon. A very fun-sounding couple named Richard and Anne Lainhart, members of the local Sherlock Holmes society, started building the RDR in their backyard on Angeleno Street in 2004 for their joint fiftieth birthday celebration. They got the whole thing permitted before they built it (it was also "blessed by...most of the neighbors") and the city classifies the ship as a 27 foot tall "flagpole with [an] accessory play structure." Accessories include a 22 foot high crow's nest, five sails, and a galley, in addition to a neighboring storage-structure-turned-bar called the Tipsy Toucan.
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