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7 Kinds of Carmageddon Time-Lapse Videos

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WESTSIDE: The LA Times reports that filming in Los Angeles was up last week and we're pretty sure that's almost entirely due to time-lapse videos of Carmageddon/Carmaheaven. Two and a half days out from the big 405 Freeway closure, we've seen plenty--they're all awesome (they all show an empty freeway and a huge demolition--what's not to like?) and they each have their own character. Here's a diverse assortment of our favorites. [YouTube/Vimeo/LAT]

The Convention Center Recruitment Video:

The December-Release Indie:

Carmageddon from Givot on Vimeo.

The Surveillance Camera:

The Nature Documentary:

The MacBook Ad:

Surprising Carmageddon Time Lapse with Google Traffic from Color Cycle on Vimeo.

The Kids Show Interlude:

The Foreign Film Festival:

Time Lapse of Southern California's Dreaded Carmageddon Freeway Closure from on Vimeo.