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Scenes from Carmaheaven and the Mulholland Bridge Demolition

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How great was Carmageddon? Traffic was light, work finished up early, and the bikers beat the airplane from Burbank to Long Beach. The PR push to freak out all of LA worked (it worked so well that next year's Carmageddon could be a problem), and the 405 Freeway widening turned out to be an opportunity for transit and streets activists. Rail LA Renegade hung a giant "LA Beyond Cars" banner over the 10 on Saturday, Metro ridership was high, and the Wolfpack Hustle bikers beat JetBlue's gaz guzzling $4 flight over the 405. Meanwhile, in the Daily Breeze, transpo experts and driver data confirm that the 405's new carpool lane isn't going to be any cure for future Carmageddons. So how was your weekend?
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