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How 4 People Dined on the Closed 405 Freeway

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Photo by Jesse Glucksman

WESTSIDE: CHP were arresting people all over the place for sneaking onto the closed 405 Freeway this weekend, but these three diners (and their photographer friend) made it on and off without getting caught--although they didn't quite have time to eat. One of the participants tells us how the shenanigans went down:

"We went at around 6 a.m. on Sunday morning, hopped a fence and hiked up a hill. The construction crew was much closer than we'd anticipated, and you can actually see the light from a cop car in the picture (he was stationed closer to the 405/101 intersection). A helicopter was circling above, so I was pretty convinced he was going to radio the police! Once at the highway, we waited alongside the wall for a car to pass, then hopped out and set up as quickly as possible. Matt [on the left] actually had dress pants under the track pants and we had food for the plates, but due to the time crunch, those went by the wayside! We managed to get the pics and then a construction car drove past, and laughingly told us to pack up before CHP caught on." [Curbed Inbox]