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The View from the Viewmont Spec House on the Sunset Strip

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Open House Weekend Warrior visits open houses and reports back on what's out there this weekend.

Apologies for the total lack of color in today's posts, but this property is worth it despite the huelessness. This LEED Platinum spec house was just built this year and has recently gotten a pricechop down to $2.995 million. Slow start, but 1600 Viewmont Drive has a view to a kill. It's hard to stand on the balcony and NOT have a King-of-the-World moment. The home, built by Malibu-based designer/builder Eric Fishburn, is staged with art in dire need of personality but perhaps when you move in you will bring the necessary je ne sais quoi?
· 1600 VIEWMONT DR [Redfin]