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A New Strip Club Downtown?, Carmageddon Is Here

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DOWNTOWN: Just south of the 10 in Downtown is this pink palace. A reader says it's been under construction and wonders what's to come of the building: "For about year this building has been slowly been gutted and rehabbed. It is located on the corner of 18th and Main Street in 90015. There have been rumors that a strip club is going to open up soon. Do you guys have any information on this establishment?" We're not tapped into the strip club gossip and haven't been able to find any info--anyone? [Curbed Inbox]

WESTSIDE: And the 405 shutdown has officially begun. Here's everything you'll need to know --what's closed when, where not to park, what's free on Metro, and more. Stay off the Westside, stay out of your car, stick around your neighborhood, and most importantly: keep it together. The rest of the country already thinks Angelenos are total messes who need to flee to the Four Seasons and board their dogs just because part of a freeway shuts down for a weekend. [Curbed Staff/NYT]