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Big South Pas Project May Live, Redevelopment Agency Could Die

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South Pasadena is pushing forward with an ambitious three block-long development project just as their Community Redevelopment Commission considers dissolving itself in the face of Sacramento's proposal that would eliminate many redevelopment agencies (RDAs will have to pay the state if they want to stay up and running). The South Pas CRC says the $2 million they've already devoted to the downtown project could be enough to make it come to fruition, Pasadena Star-News reports. The agency is already talking to a developer who may have enough resources to build without any more public encouragement (money). The entire project would cost $50 million and comprise five buildings on 5.5 acres near Hope, Fair Oaks, Oxley, and Mound--there would be retail, offices, and residential (only 60 units) and 427 parking spots (a rep from South Pas's Chamber of Commerce says the area has a dearth of parking). Regarding the CRC, the city will decide before October whether to set aside $230,000 of its own money to keep the agency alive.
· Revitalization Project Expected to Move Forward [Pasadena Star-News]