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Census Data Map Shows the Gayborhoods of Los Angeles

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Where are all the shacked-up gay couples in Los Angeles? Here they are, mostly right where you'd expect them to be. We were jealous of WNYC's neat map showing where the same-sex couples are cohabitating in New York City, so we whipped up our own version for Los Angeles County. In 2010, there were nearly 30% more same-sex couples recorded here than there were in 2000 (which could mean there are more gay couples cohabitating or just more who are sharing with their census takers). On the map, the darker the census tract, the more same-sex couples there are per thousand households. Unshockingly, West Hollywood, particularly between Santa Monica and Sunset and east of Larrabee St., is the most gay-married neighborhood in LA. Lagging just behind is the section of the Hollywood Hills between Laurel Canyon and Nichols Canyon , then the Sunset Strip Hills. Silver Lake around the north half of the Reservoir rounds out the top four. Long Beach isn't as gay as the Hills, but it the lone same-sex outpost in the southern part of the county. There is one gay couple living together and one lesbian couple living together on Catalina.

Here's the interactive map (or click here for the big version)--click on a census tract for specific data for that area. Do keep in mind that a low population in a particular tract can really throw off results. For instance, as much as we'd like to believe, we don't think that huge tract in the middle of the Angeles National Forest is actually an up-and-coming gayborhood. If it were though, you know who we bet it'd be popular with? Bears.

Data comes from Investigative Reporters and Editors
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