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Hollywood Hills House Where Sonny & Cher Skipped Out on the Rent

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Though the listing copy for this rustic one-bedroom on Sycamore Trail in the Hollywood Hills does not identify its architect, we wouldn't be surprised if it turned out to be Harry Gesner, especially given its close proximity to the well-known Woodrow Wilson Drive boathouses and its 1959 build-date. The short-and-sweet listing does drop a couple of other names, however, citing the residence as the "former home of Sonny & Cher." Sure enough, a bit of internet sleuthing turned up evidence that the musical duo did indeed reside here, in a letter published by the LA Times in 1998 following Sonny's untimely death in a skiing accident. The letter's author, Julian "Bud" Lesser, wrote in to share the following anecdote about the deceased entertainer:

In the early 1960s, before they became famous, Salvatore Bono and his wife rented my one-bedroom house on Sycamore Trail in the Hollywood Hills. He was a struggling songwriter and wife Cher struggled with acting. His songs sold poorly and he couldn't handle the rent. So both moved out, owing me for one month, $200. A few years later, Sonny and Cher are singing on TV in fluffy animal costumes with strings, raking in money. I delicately called their lawyer about my $200--and he promptly sent it.According to Redfin, the 830 square foot cabin last changed hands in 1999 for $180,000. It's now listed at $499,500.
· 7254 SYCAMORE Trl [Redfin]