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Pigs Over Little Tokyo, Father's Office CC Goes Sweet, Italian Option on Robertson, Lotta Pink on La Cienega

Elizabeth Daniels 7/11

LITTLE TOKYO: The brick-and-mortar version of the Flying Pig food truck opens on Saturday on the bottom of the Hikari apartments. Eater says there are 13 porkers spread throughout the restaurant; wear a porcine costume on opening day and be rewarded with a $50 gift certificate.

CULVER CITY: Starting on Tuesday night, Father's Office in Culver City began offering reasonably-priced ($3-5) desserts for the first time ever. The treats sound both tasty and pretentious, e.g. Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Foie Gras Ice Cream Sandwich, Chocolate Cupcake with Old Rasputin and Imperial Stout Frosting. There're also beer floats if that kind of thing doesn't send voms up your throat.

ROBERTSON: Buzz is good for Pizzeria Il Fico, which had a soft opening in the former Michel Richard space near Third. Pugliese pizza, house-made pastas, salads, and secondi based on market availability are all on the menu.

BEVERLY HILLS: Eater has lots of pics of Rosé, which opens on upper Restaurant Row tomorrow night. Lots of pink inside, but what dishes will be served is not clear, except that they're Provencal-inspired. The drinks, especially, are supposed to be something to write home about.
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