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Growth vs. No Growth in Pasadena's Quest For a New General Plan

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Pasadena is in the midst of updating its general plan, which will guide development until 2035--today's the last day for locals to vote on their choice of four different options for the 'Dena. Jonathan Edewards of the Downtown Pasadena Neighborhood Association writes on the DPNA blog that residents of downtown are supporting pro-growth plans that encourage more residents and jobs, as well as an option for "smart growth," i.e. "high-density development near Downtown Gold Line stations" that creates "mini-villages" with mixed-use development. That latter option also calls for a cluster of parks, known as the "Emerald Necklace," that would run through East Pasadena. The other two options being floated include a "no-growth" plan with an exception for East Pasadena, and a complete no-growth plan that would discourage all new development. The neighborhood group says past smart-growth-type stuff, like the Gold Line and the refurbishment of Old Town, has done wonders for Pasadena, bringing in new residents who want a pedestrian-friendly experience. New development traffic will be mitigated by the bike, ped, and rail-friendliness of the area, while preservation can co-exist with new apartments and retail, Edewards writes. The post also calls for a General Plan that will help rid Downtown of blight and names the most deserving structures for the wrecking ball: the Kinko's/Ortho mattress building at Lake/Colorado, the stucco Pasadena Jewelry Mart at Los Robles/Colorado, and the black box office building at 150 E. Colorado.
· Downtown Residents Support Pro-Growth [DPNA blog]