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Culver City Expo Station Mostly On Track, Little Tokyo Design Week

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Inaba's Little Tokyo Design Week information center courtesy Inaba

CULVER CITY: We noted last week that Culver City and the Expo Construction Authority were at odds over a few million dollars meant for improvements at the Culver City Expo Line station; there was worry the issue could delay the already oft-delayed stop (currently scheduled for an early 2012 opening). Streetsblog now reports that the issue is not yet resolved, but it likely won't push back the previously-mentioned open date, though it could delay a bike lane and station parking. Culver City Vice Mayor Scott Malsin tells Curbed that the city recently dumped almost $3 million into an escrow account that Expo can use to reinforce the train bridge at the station, which is necessary to accommodate underground parking for a future transit-oriented development. But disagreements over the bike lane and street reworking remain unresolved. [Curbed Staff/Streetsblog]

LITTLE TOKYO: Little Tokyo ponders design and technology in Japan and Los Angeles this week when it holds its first ever Little Tokyo Design Week: Future City. The party kicks off tomorrow and runs through July 17--far away from the Carmageddony side of town--and includes about 20 storage container galleries scattered around the neighborhood. [Curbed Inbox]