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Natural History Museum's Expo-Adjacent North Campus Opens Soon

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Photos by Elizabeth Daniels Last week, after getting our fill of dinosaurs in the Natural History Museum's new Dinosaur Hall, we checked in on the museum's under-construction and Expo Line-adjacent North Campus. The first elements of the North Campus's overhaul--a two story parking structure, a whale-skeleton-inspired pedestrian bridge, and a transition garden--are scheduled to be open by the end of the summer. A "stramphitheater"--stairs/ramps/amphitheater--is also taking shape between the parking structure and pedestrian bridge. The Campus was designed by landscape architects Mia Lehrer + Associates and architects CO Architects, and it'll eventually cover three and a half acres and include interactive exhibits and the glassy, three-story Otis Booth Pavilion. The NHM reopened its 1913 building last summer and plans to look quite fresh by its 2013 centennial.
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