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Hopper Compound Relisted and PriceUpped, HUD Cash For LA

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VENICE: The Easy Rider house rides again--welcome the "Reintroduction of legendary actor and artist Dennis Hopper's stunning compound with improvements just completed by original architect Brian Murphy, AIA." Originally listed one year ago, we most recently saw the property, which also features "3 two-story condominiums designed by the legendary architect Frank Gehry," in December, when it went into contract for a while. It was listed then for $5.8 million, but is now asking for more than its original July 2010 price of $6.245 million. The latest number is $6.495 million. [Redfin]

LOS ANGELES: The US Department of Housing and Urban Development handed out $76.9 million today to public housing authorities around the state, including a complex $15,853,440 to the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles. According to a press release, "The funds will allow the agencies to make major large-scale improvements to their public housing units." [Curbed Inbox]

Dennis Hopper Compound

330 Indiana Ave., Los Angeles, CA