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Beige Buff & Hensman From the Late 70s in Sherman Oaks

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When the words "Buff & Hensman" appear in a real estate listing, we can't help but get our hopes up. Unfortunately, they were dashed once we saw the pics for this four-bedroom in Sherman Oaks, designed by B&H in 1979. Though the home is quite spacious (2,820 square feet), has some nice built-ins, and overlooks some majestic trees, it is altogether too beige for our liking. And an open fire hydrant might be more inviting to splash around in than the desolate and weirdly shallow-looking pool shown here. But with a bit of updating, we can envision the place turning into something Rather Lovely. Asking price for the 12,088-square-foot property is $1.25 million.
· 91423 CONTOUR Dr [Redfin]