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Etnies owner's skateboardable Malibu house will have no corners

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Sam Mc Guire/Etnies

Former skateboarder Pierre-André Senizergues, who owns skate shoe company etnies and assorted associated brands, wants what any skateboarder wants: a house that's completely skateable—no corners, only ramps. And since he owns a bunch of successful companies, he can actually make it happen. He's brought in artist Gil Le Bon Delapointe and architect Francois Perrin to design the 2,200 square foot PAS House for a site at the top of Las Flores Canyon in Malibu, which, the Architect's Newspaper Blog reports, he'll move into "by sometime next year." The design team recently created a full-scale, 753.5 square foot model of the house's living room using "a traditional skateboard ramp fabrication technique" for molding plywood, according to A/N, which adds that even the furniture is "curved for skating, including some groovy looking tables and beds." Check out a tiny model of the whole house and a video of skateboarders testing out the prototype down below.

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