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Babes Ready to Party at Winnetka Palace in Woodland Hills

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When we first saw this Woodland Hills "palace" back in February 2010, we declared it Rather Hideous even if we were a little bit charmed by its many gilded animals and generous use of crimson. Our cousins over at Curbed National checked back in on the house today and found that it has a new marketing plan: club babes. See them sit awkwardly and hold billiard cues; let your imagination run wild as they pose by the shower wearing giant terry cloth robes; try to figure out what it is they're doing by the pool. On top of the new photos, the house has a new name that evokes all the glamor of Canoga Park-adjacency: Winnetka Palace. Jeez, now we just find the whole thing depressing. Originally asking $6.5 million, the WP has been chopped to $2.375 million.
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