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Bel Air at $13.45 million Vs. Beverly Crest at $14 Million

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In Spot the Difference, we invite you to compare and contrast two houses currently listed for sale in the same area and asking about the same price.

These two houses are separated only by Beverly Glen and $500K. On the east, we have this ten bedroom house with a tennis court, pool, and two guest houses. It's been on the market since June 2010, originally asking $16.495 million. It's now chopped down to $13.995 million. On the west is this seven bedroom house with two staff apartments, a "banquet-sized" dining room, a staff dining room, and a pool. It was listed in April and is asking $13.45 million. So are we looking at a pair of twins? Or is one a Cinderella and the other an ugly step-sister?
· 651 N FARING Rd [Redfin]
· 345 ST PIERRE Rd [Redfin]