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The Gorgeous Grossman in Beverly Hills Post Office

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Open House Weekend Warrior visits open houses and report back on what's out there this weekend.

We featured this Greta Grossman house back in February when it first went on the market. Five months later and a $500K price chop down to $2.9 million, it's still on the market. A near $3 million dollar home not selling in this economy sounds like the same story we've all been hearing for months now, but this place is special. A bedroom view that has the same visual effect as an infinity pool? Some really low-key but substantial and sexy door knobs? An off-the-living-room spiral staircase with some great contrasting wood accents? No house north of Sunset even bothers with food anymore, so if this place gets the open house treatment again, don't go with an empty stomach, but expect to see some great art and incredible architecture.
· 1659 Waynecrest Drive [Redfin]