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Peace Talks Commencing on Gold Line Extension

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As noted before, a minor war has been raging between the Gold Line Construction Authority (the entity tasked with building an extension of the Gold Line from Pasadena into the San Gabriel Valley) and the Monrovia City Council over the purchase of land for a maintenance facility--the facility needs to be figured out before major construction on the line and stations can proceed. The Monrovia Patch reports that things are less heated between the GLCA and the MCC, and that the GLCA has halted eminent domain proceedings on the land slated for the facility. More should be known at the GLCA July 5 board meeting. Other positive momentum include news that Arcadia and the GLCA have come to an fuding agreement on the design of that city's station, while work on the Gold Line's "Basket Bridge" over the 210 is beginning. [Patch/The Source]