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Griffith Park Bear Loves USA, Work on Toll Lanes Starting

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We're cutting out for hot dogs and fireworks. See you on Tuesday!
LOS FELIZ: Loyal readers from Glendale sent in this image of the famous Griffith Park bear showing his patriotic side on this Fourth of July weekend Eve. Happy holiday! [Curbed InBox]

GARDENA: Wednesday morning the Mayor and other officials will host a ceremony at the Artesia Transit Center to celebrate the groundbreaking for the ExpressLanes Project, which will convert existing carpool lanes along the 10 and the 110 into High-Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes. From Metro: "the program seeks to reduce congestion by improving travel choices in the two corridors. Solo drivers, currently not allowed to use the carpool lanes, will be allowed to use the lanes for a toll... Tolls charged will range between 25 cents and $1.40 a mile depending on demand." The 110 lanes open in late 2012 and the 10 lanes in early 2013. [Curbed InBox]