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PETA's Echo Park Animal Testing Billboard Overlooks Vegan Cafe

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PETA has made known its presence loud and clear in Echo Park. A massive billboard sitting on top of the organization's future West Coast headquarters, right on Sunset Boulevard, has residents taking detours and closing their blinds. The enormous banner of a cat with a device implanted in its skull, accompanied with the message "if you call it 'medical research' you can get away with murder," has been up and lit for about a month now, shining down right at the front door of nearby vegan favorite Elf Cafe. Some animal-loving neighbors have told Curbed that the enormous ad really doesn't inspire support for PETA and wondered if the billboard was to become a permanent home for nightmare-inducing visuals.

Jane Dollinger, Media Liaison for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, told us that while the building is owned by PETA and is named after generous donor Bob Barker, the billboard is owned by Clear Channel Outdoor, Inc. and "will feature a public service announcement produced by PETA at least six months out of each year."

Dollinger also noted that "months not filled by PETA ads will feature advertisements from other Clear Channel clients with creatives preapproved by PETA that are not contrary to its animal protection mission." (So: naked women probably ok; Ruth's Chris probably not.)

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