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Hollywood Loses Café Des Artistes, Silver Lake Goes SoHo, Highland Park Vegan Drive-Thru, Venice's Gjelina Won't Stop

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HOLLYWOOD: An old gal fallen on hard times, Hollywood mainstay Café Des Artistes has called it a day, reports Eater. The corpse is still warm, but there are already plans for a new incarnation.

SILVER LAKE: We love our hoity-toity food markets (Joan's on Third, et al)... Silver Lake gets one with the opening of the Broome St. General Store on Rowena (Broome=SoHo), which has all kinds of yuppie treats. "Owners Peter Graham and Sophie Esteban bring the charms of New York's SoHo neighborhood and the farm-to-table sensibilities of Los Angeles together in this charming new marketplace," writes our sibling.

HIGHLAND PARK: Starting Saturday, Highland Park will be the home of Plant Food for People, a vegan drive-through on York. How long before the New York Times writes one of their "Only in Wacky L.A.!" stories?

VENICE: You can't keep Gjelina down (it is so delish, even Victoria Beckham is seen consuming food there). Gjelina Take Away--or GTA--has opened next door to the Abbot Kinney restaurant. Everything that Venetians can devour at Gjelina, they can now take home and eat in front of the TV NPR.
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