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Daring High-End Flip in Los Feliz Estates

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This flip seems so ballsy, we wonder if isn't just a celebrity with a bad case of the real estate fickles. The three bedroom, three and a half bathroom house that's pretty much in Griffith Park went on the market in March asking $975,000, according to Redfin, and was sold in a few weeks for $1.175 million. Now whoever bought it is sending it back out into the world with an asking price of $1.599 million. The listing says the house is "architect designed," but also remodeled "into the quintessential 2011 home for today's buyer" (literally today, going by the timeline). It also says the house has a new outdoor living room, a new pool, a new kitchen, and an entire new bedroom suite.
· 2251 North HOBART [Redfin]