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BHPO Time Warp Explained by Someone Who Grew Up There

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BEVERLY HILLS POST OFFICE: On Tuesday everyone was debating whether that awesome mid-century time warp in Beverly Hills Post Office was perfectly staged or perfectly vintage. Some commenters dug up that the house belongs to architect Bruce Becket, son of the great civic architect Welton Becket. Bruce's daughter Alexandra, one half of flip team ModOp, incidentally, has the scoop in the comments:

The house was designed by Architect Robert Skinner for his family in 1961. A few years later Bruce and Sharon Becket purchased the home and added on a kids wing, wine cellar and pool. Bruce, son of Welton Becket, designed the addition. The house has been kept intact since the remodel....the Beckets spent most of their time outside of Santa Barbara, so the Lime Orchard house has been unusually preserved. It was not staged, it's the real deal! I was lucky enough to grow up there. Mid-century design and my mom's orange, yellow and green theme is part of my DNA and forever in my heart. I SO hope whoever acquires the house saves it and restores it's original glory! Very helpful! Only question mark now is that gun rack. [Curbed Comments]