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Murdered Publicist Ronni Chasen's Regency Wilshire Unit For Sale

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TheWrap reports that the condo that belonged to murdered publicist Ronni Chasen is up for sale and already has a potential buyer. Chasen was killed in Beverly Hills last year under somewhat mysterious circumstances (police say it was a botched robbery, but Chasen's friends have been skeptical). She lived on the eighth floor of the Regency Wilshire in what was, according to Redfin, a two bedroom, three bathroom condo that she bought in 2000 for $652,000. TheWrap says her estate is asking "at least $950,000," and that there's already a possible buyer who could close on an all-cash sale on or after June 17. There doesn't seem to be a public listing, but let us know if you find one.
· Ronni Chasen's Condo Selling for $950K [TheWrap]
· 10551 Wilshire Blvd Apt 802 [Redfin]