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Greystone Designer E. J. Cheesewright's 1910 Pasadena Cottage

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Here's a property with a proper pedigree: per its listing, this 1910 cottage was designed by Louis Du Puget Millar for E. J. Cheesewright, whom architecture critic Robert Winter called "the foremost designer of residential interiors in Southern California during the 1920s" (this house appears in Winter and David Gebhard's book An Architectural Guidebook to Los Angeles). Among Cheesewright's notable commissions was the Doheny family's Greystone Mansion. Located just east of Southwest Pasadena's Brookside Park, the 3,530-square-foot thatched-roof cottage features four bedrooms, three baths, a formal dining room, a Count Rumford fireplace, coffered ceilings, maple floors, French doors, built-in cabinets, and central air conditioning. The 11,718-square-foot property also boasts a "small vineyard" and fruit trees. Asking price is $1.55 million.
· 686 W. CALIFORNIA Blvd [Redfin]
· 686 W California Blvd [Official Site]