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Discounted Malibu Summer Rentals "Still a Shitload of Money"

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$125,000/month listing in the Malibu Colony via Chad Rogers

It's an ungloomy June in LA, which if you're filthy rich, means it's time to head to Malibu, and the Hollywood Reporter declares that the beach is back after some rocky recession years (and crappy weather last summer). David and Victoria Beckham supposedly heralded a new day last month when they leased a Point Dume house that was going for $159,000 a month, while one real estate firm says all its houses have been leased up for between $35,000 and $85,000 per month. But it sounds like there's still plenty of left on the high end (as in higher than $85,000 per month): there's Goldie Hawn's place on Broad Beach, asking $90,000 per month, philanthropist Lily Tartikoff's house in the Colony asking $125,000 per month, and as always the ridiculous Villa Contenta, part of which is listed at $250,000 per month (HuffPo rounds up a few more). That's probably because people still want a deal. One agent tells THR: "'I think the owners are getting wiser. Last year they weren't flexible, and some ended up sitting on their houses for a month,' he says. One property he had was listed at $85,000 a month but went for $72,000. 'That's still a shitload of money.'"
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